William "Will" Williams, PhD, MBA


Dr. William “Will” Williams joined SSA Consultants in 2002 with more than 19 years of firsthand success in developing operational chemical companies in the United States, Europe and Japan. As a seasoned business advisor, he has varied experiences in providing operational assessments and recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness in organizations. His deep expertise covers a wide array of industries, including government, industrial manufacturing, chemical and health care.

Will's experience includes designing both the Business Counseling Center Network and the Technical Assistance to Small Firms Program in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Rita to assist small business recovery. Later, he went on to implement, manage and monitor these programs with dozens of stakeholder groups across the state and thousands of direct clients. He also created a “Pay-for-Performance” variable compensation system for BASF, a leading global chemical company. Not only did several BASF sites adopt the system, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development replicated the system in a highly successful pilot program.

Recently, Dr. Williams worked extensively to develop and implement safety assessments and training tools designed to complement existing safety programs at organizations. The product line, now used in a variety of industries across the nation, assists organizations in screening new hires in terms of safety and improving workers’ safety awareness and safety behavior on the job.

Prior to joining SSA, he gained broad international experience as the Director of Strategic Planning of DSM, N.V., a global chemical and life sciences company based in the Netherlands. In addition to his role as the director of strategic planning, he served on the boards of Stamicarbon of Americas, DSM Melamine Americas, DSM Desotech and DSM Venture Capital.

Will holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, and a Master of Science in Natural Products Chemistry from North Carolina State University; a Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University; and a doctorate degree in physical organic chemistry from Texas A&M University.

He serves on the Parkview Baptist School Board, where he is President of the Board, and is a former Board Member of Stamicarbon of Americas, DSM Melamine Americas, DSM Desotech, and DSM Venture Capital.

Will Williams


  • PhD Physical Organic Chemistry, Texas A&M University
  • MBA, Louisiana State University
  • Master of Science in Natural Products Chemistry, North Carolina State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, North Carolina State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, North Carolina State University
  • Certified Hogan Assessment Systems Safety Consultant


  • Chemical and manufacturing industries
  • Organizational design/ redesign
  • Strategic plan development
  • Training and development


  • BASF
  • ExxonMobil
  • Jacobs Engineering Group
  • Pala-Interstate
  • Stupp Corporation

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