Organizational Design


From decision-making systems and staff structure to the leveraging of available technologies and the reallocation of resources, every organizational system can have a positive or negative effect on an organization’s performance.

Our Capabilities

SSA can help you develop an organizational design that is responsive to the market conditions that demand it, with the goal of maximizing collaboration among internal and external stakeholders and improving organizational performance.

Our Approach

For most organizations, there are no “off-the-shelf” or “one-size-fits-all” solutions when it comes to designing an organizational structure and/or model that maximizes across the board efficiency and productivity. At SSA, we work with organizations, both large and small, to understand their distinct needs and the specific market conditions they face.

We know different customers have different needs. From experience, we also know it’s important to fully understand whom it is your organization is serving, what they want, and how you can get it to them, in the most effective and efficient way possible. We don’t go into a client engagement with a set template of tasks to complete. We work to understand the organization, the people it serves — both internally and externally — and define a solution that makes sense for both the organization and current market conditions.

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Our Experience

Organizational Infrastructure Assessment and Redesign

With the recent legislative reallocation of non-flood assets from The Orleans Levee District (the District) supervision to a separate management authority, the District engaged SSA to assess its existing structure and make recommendations for an organizational redesign.
SSA conducted an organizational assessment to examine the District's current infrastructure on both an organizational and departmental level in an effort to best identify allocation of resources and personnel relative to the District's mission. The SSA project team facilitated the outcomes and observations of this assessment through key staff and stakeholder interviews, organizational chart and table of organization analyses and a comprehensive review of the District's documents as they relate to the organization or its departments. SSA conducted a high-level benchmarking study to determine a baseline for the District's operations and then compared those operations to similar agencies and levee authorities. SSA also examined other state agencies’ organizational structures to correlate staffing levels in generic departments like human resources, finance and information technology. SSA’s final task involved the development of recommendations for any activities that will ultimately improve, augment or enhance the District's operations to serve as a blueprint for proposed organizational growth and staffing level adjustments over time to reach desired levels.
Overall, SSA concluded that while the District's current staffing levels proved adequate to provide its mandated services, some personnel imbalances did exist within certain departments. SSA estimated a large amount of anticipated retirements and/ or regular turnover would naturally correct these imbalances through attrition and the subsequent freezing of positions within overstaffed departments. Additionally, the SSA project team recognized many opportunities to realize efficiencies in work process and practice movements to further help in closing the gap within overstaffed departments as staffing levels balance.


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