Training & Development


Your people are your most valuable asset — it’s time to invest in them. Targeted training and development fills knowledge gaps, sharpens skills and raises the capabilities of your team’s leadership, managers, supervisors, and front-line employees. Effective training programs foster open communication, commitment, patience and honesty among supervisors and employees, and they provide a direct, positive impact to your organization’s bottom line.

Training & Development Solutions


We offer more than 30 training courses designed to develop your team’s core management, supervisory and service skills, and we are able to develop countless other courses tailored to the individual needs of your organization or team. Our consultants will work with you to develop training solutions that address your organization’s specific needs. Whether it is instructor-led training, facilitated focus group or activity-based learning, every solution focuses on developing skills critical to building an effective team.



We work closely with our partner consultants to provide organizations with the necessary tools to select and develop the right people, enhance team performance, and identify and improve safety-related behaviors. We then leverage assessment results to provide comprehensive training and coaching sessions to individuals and teams.


Since 1970, we have constantly sought out the most effective and valid assessments on the market capable of identifying core leadership abilities or intrinsic traits that drive job performance. We utilize a variety of such tools in our work with clients, but one set of assessments in particular has stood the test of time as the best-in-class standard for utilizing personality data to accurately and objectively serve as a predictor of future performance.


iCapstone is an online training system developed through a collaboration between SSA Consultants and Hogan Assessment Systems to help users become more effective managers and improve the performance of their team. The program focuses on four core modules designed to improve leadership and management abilities — Leadership, Performance Management, Communication and Effective Teams.


Since the 1970s, we have helped organizations successfully develop high performing leaders. Recently, we partnered with Hogan Assessment Systems to create a program that equips supervisors with the skills required to build a culture of total safety commitment.


As nationally-recognized and experienced public speakers, members of our consulting team frequently speak at local, regional, national, and international conferences, association meetings, and business gatherings. Speaking topics often include subject matter surrounding organizational improvement. Our consultants combine real-life examples with current marketplace trends to create one-of-a-kind and highly-demanded presentations such as “Managing the Multigenerational Workforce.”

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