iCapstone is an online training system developed through a collaboration between SSA and Hogan Assessment Systems to help users become more effective managers and improve the performance of their team. The program focuses on four core modules designed to improve leadership and management abilities — Leadership, Performance Management, Communication and Effective Teams.

Personalize Your Training

Ideal for organizations requiring this kind of training but lacking the capacity or time during the workday to send employees off site, iCapstone is a time-flexible, cost-effective and convenient development platform that provides personalized leadership training to employees around the clock using our customized interface designed to specifically match your personal leadership style.

iCapstone combines the components of online training and Hogan personality assessments to present custom feedback about your strengths and weaknesses while identifying opportunities for improvement.

After your managers complete the iCapstone training, they will be equipped with the proper tools and techniques to provide leadership to your team, better understand the concept of performance management, communicate effectively with team members, and build a high-performing team.

Experience iCapstone

iCapstone will give you insight into what you think of your management style, what your employees think of your management style, and how the two help or hinder your efforts in building a high performing team. So, what are you waiting for? Order iCapstone and get started immediately, or click here to try out the demo, free of charge





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