Safety Performance Solutions


Our safety training program helps organizations accurately predict safe or unsafe behavior and build a culture of total safety commitment.

Building a Culture of Total Safety & Commitment

Since the 1970s, we have helped organizations successfully develop high performing leaders. Recently, we partnered with Hogan Assessment Systems to create a program that equips supervisors with the skills required to:

  • Effectively identify individual employee risk for engaging in unsafe behavior.
  • Build and maintain individual and team commitment to safety goals.
  • Develop individual and team safety performance action plans.
  • Monitor progress toward safety goals.

Combining insights gained from the Hogan Safety Report and our training sessions, supervisors learn how to transition their team from a culture of safety program compliance to one of total safety commitment. 

About the Hogan Safety Report & Facilitator's Guide


The Hogan Safety Report evaluates applicants and job incumbents on six safety-related competencies. The validated results outline strengths and areas of concern relating to a person’s safety-related behavior and general employment fit for a particular work environment.

Our Hogan-certified consultants then take these assessment results and help supervisors properly interpret and use their team members’ reports to identify risks they possess that may lead to on-the-job accidents and other unsafe behaviors, helping to develop both individual and team development goals that are specific to creating and sustaining a culture of total safety commitment.


Through the identification of risky and unsafe tendencies from Hogan’s validated personality assessment, we are able to work with individuals in a team setting to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to meet your organization’s safety targets.

Along with the report and coaching and training sessions, organizations will receive a train-the-trainer facilitator’s guide that includes an electronic and hardcopy of the PowerPoint presentation used in the sessions, a sample Hogan Safety Report, Safety Performance Improvement Plan, Safety Coaching Checklist, and case study handout.

What Others Are Saying About Their SSA Safety Training Experience

"The safety assessment is gaining credibility faster than expected. 
The results correlate to what supervisors and managers experience on the ground with each individual we have known for years. As for new people, we are finding very quickly that the assessment has given us the insight we need to manage people to a level of awareness necessary to avoid safety issues. In fact, we have noticed the behavior patterns the assessment identifies “play out” beyond the scope of safety. In other words, we can manage people by having better insights to what they might demonstrate on the job. Overall, both the assessment tool and the supporting information work for me. Well done!" 

— David Mangan, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Pala Group, Inc.






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