Will Williams, Partner at SSA Consultants, provides advice for businesses outsourcing to China

By: SSA Consultants

Baton Rouge Business Report (David Jacobs) - Will Williams is a partner with SSA Consultants who formerly directed strategic planning for a global chemical and life sciences company. He suggests that business owners interested in outsourcing get advice from others who have done it. Chambers of commerce and similar organizations sometimes can help with this. He also recommends visiting the American chamber of commerce in whatever country you’re thinking about outsourcing to.

Quality control and protecting intellectual property can be challenging, and product lead times will lengthen. So it’s important that any business owner or executive considering outsourcing think very carefully about what they hope to accomplish by doing so, Williams says. If it’s solely about cost, quantify how much you expect to save.

Williams says the process likely will take longer and be more complicated than you expect. Make sure your expectations are clear from the outset, he says, so you can measure whether or not you’ve succeeded. To read the full article click here.



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