Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

Creating a Sustainable Future for the Gulf Coast

Louisiana is in the midst of a land loss crisis that has claimed 1,880 square miles of land since the 1930s. To address this crisis the Louisiana Legislature passed an act to create the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana (CPRA) and required it to develop a plan for a safe and sustainable coast every five years. To build upon the success of the first master plan in 2007, the state engaged SSA to manage all of the outreach and engagement efforts for the 
2012 Coastal Master Plan update.

SSA coordinated all outreach, public relations, community awareness, and facilitation efforts to develop the plan, while simultaneously coordinating services among several agencies, organizations and stakeholders to gain support for the plan. In addition to driving all public and political outreach services, SSA led and facilitated multi-stakeholder decision making among various stakeholder groups to identify specific issues and challenges to address in the planning process.

SSA coordinated more than 150 presentations to civic and industry groups and 13 regional community meetings in which more than 1,500 residents, 40 state legislators and interested parties participated. The planning process generated more than 100 formal public comments during public hearings and more than 2,200 comments via email, website and mail. In addition, the plan received favorable attention from print, TV, radio and online media outlets across the nation. The legislature passed the 2012 Master Plan on May 1, 2012. Throughout the plan’s implementation, SSA will continue to work with stakeholders and community members to ensure the process addresses important issues and concerns of coastal communities.



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