Department of Children and Family Services

Redesigning the State's Welfare-to-Work Program

The existing welfare-to-work program did not include progressive case management processes and tools needed to develop customized plans to achieve sustainable employment. The program also lacked adequate accountability mechanisms. The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) engaged SSA to develop and implement a major redesign of the State’s Welfare-to-Work program.

The SSA project team reviewed an independent assessment report describing the program’s operating results to gain an understanding of the existing program’s processes. The team also interviewed DCFS staff members and conducted national best practices research on similar programs to identify possible operating improvements. With this insight, SSA designed an improved workflow process and developed the necessary materials and tools required to support it. To introduce the program redesign to staff members, SSA developed and delivered a change management training program and provided coaching and consultation to state-level and regional-level leadership throughout the program’s implementation.

Upon completion of the program’s implementation DCFS’ program caseload decreased by 33 percent. Moreover, participating adults fully engaged in work activities increased from 34 percent to 48 percent and the number of clients placed in basic education activities nearly tripled.



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