Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

Changing the Face of Health Care Through Provider Outreach

Upon completion of designing the new coordinated care Medicaid model that was initially referred to as the “Coordinated Care Networks” model, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) engaged an outreach team comprised of SSA and two other firms to provide outreach services to develop, produce, and implement a statewide multimedia education and direct outreach campaign for providers, Medicaid recipients, and community advocates relative to the initial implementation and rollout of this new model that would become “

SSA is responsible for all provider outreach related to the rollout of BAYOU HEALTH, working with physicians and associations to educate providers across the state on these new programs, benefits, and the role they play in this new system with a strong focus on providing coordinated, preventative care to Medicaid and LaCHIP recipients in Louisiana. SSA also provide senior-level strategy services utilizing the subject matter expertise of our consultants working on the project, working directly with DHH senior leadership to facilitate programmatic outreach at all levels and foster statewide understanding of the importance of this new approach to health care amongst Medicaid and LaCHIP recipients and the providers in the medical communities that serve them.

SSA delivered 79 provider outreach and education sessions to more than 4,000 Medicaid and LaCHIP providers across the state of Louisiana, working with representatives of the medical community and relevant associations to disseminate information about BAYOU HEALTH, including ongoing programmatic and policy updates, to members of the medical community and the recipients they serve. Through this focused approach to outreach and education, State of Louisiana leadership, including Gov. Bobby Jindal and DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein, have acknowledged the implementation of BAYOU HEALTH as a successful one with the provider outreach model developed and led by SSA as one to emulate for future programs and initiatives within DHH. 



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