Service Award Winners to be Recognized at Homecoming

By: SSA Consultants

Baton Rouge, LA (Holly Phillips, LSU) — This year has been dedicated to looking back at 150 years of LSU, as well as looking ahead, to the future of the university. For the sesquicentennial year, the university wanted to find a way to acknowledge students, faculty, staff and alumni who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to the community, making a positive difference.

The answer is the Chancellor's Sesquicentennial Service Award, which seeks to honor individuals or groups who have gone beyond the scope of their job or organization requirements to contribute their time and talents to LSU and/or the community in ways that benefit the common good.

Nominations for the award were accepted through April, and 10 winners were selected. The winners had to be full or part-time students, or retired faculty and staff members and alumni. The performed service had to be on a volunteer basis and could have been completed on- or off-campus.

Winners were selected based on various criteria such as activity, commitment, impact, initiative, need and spirit of service. Award winners have been invited to participate in Homecoming and LSU Day activities, Saturday, Nov. 13. They will be recognized at the LSU game Saturday night.

The award recipients are Claire Biggs, Pinki Diwan, Del H. Dugas, Focusing on College and Unlimited Success, LSU Community Playground Project, W. Henson Moore, Melissa Blaise Seanard, Jan Shoemaker, William "Bill" and Christel Slaughter and Annette Zacharia.

Bill and Christel Slaughter

Together, Bill and Christel have served and volunteered for a number of organizations, boards and advisory councils including the Alzheimer Services Board, the Dean's Advisory Council, the Metro YMCA Board and the City Club of Baton Rouge Board.

They have also served on Advance Baton Rouge, as Council Members for Audubon Elementary School, Baton Rouge Ballet, Baton Rouge Green, the Baton Rouge Symphony and the Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce.

Bill and Christel have served on the East Baton Rouge City-Parish Citizens Task Force; the Steering Committee for the Community Cultural Initiative; the Community Fund for the Arts; the Diocesan Finance Council of Baton Rouge; the Task Force on Health, Human Services; and Buildings for the Baton Rouge Horizon Plan.

They have donated their time and consulting services to several community organizations, including the Council for a Better Louisiana, Junior League, the Neighborhood Resource Center Project, the Arts Council, Louisiana Arts and Science Center, Baton Rouge Area Foundation VISIONS, Boy Scouts of America and the LSU Foundation.

Christel started in service during her high school years, volunteering with HeadStart classrooms and working with children affected by Down's Syndrome.

"There is a great feeling in knowing you, in some way, made a positive difference in an organization or an individual," Bill said. "I am fortunate to have been given so many opportunities to serve."

Note, this press release has been modified since LSU released it in October 2012. Click here to view the original. 



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